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Double Pin In Upside Down and Confined Space Rescue.

Ranlo Fire and Rescue and Spencer Mt. Road VFD responded to a entrapment involving a over turned pickup truck on Ranlo Spencer Mt. Road.

Two people were flown to Carolina Medical Center after this crash. It appeared the truck took a turn to fast ran off the left side of the road, over corrected and went down a embankment pulling two trees up by the roots and bouncing off of two more coming to rest on it's top pinning both the driver and passenger in the truck.

When the truck struck the third tree plastic and glass was embedded in the bark about 6 feet from the bottom. The roof was bent in a V shape which trapped both inside.

One was lying with his head pinned in the dirt by the truck, the other was pinned by the truck and a tree his head was against a pillow on the tree with the truck pinning his head there.

During extracation each cut had to be though out due to every time the truck would move any it would place more pressure on the trapped men.

Although the truck was stabilized any pressure would move metal. The door frame had to be removed before the door could be taken off.
Once the door was removed the driver was taken out.

The drivers seat had to be removed before the passenger could be removed. He was in the back of the extended cab trapped.

The pictures show how little room was left in the truck. Neither were wearing seatbelts which may have saved there lives at that point.

The roof was not removed and set back down on the truck this is the way it was. Part of the roof was on the console.

Both were talking to rescue workers while being extricated from the truck.